Meet Dan

I’ve been a carpenter for nearly 30 years after completing my apprenticeship and following in my fathers footsteps, who I also worked with. 

I’ve had the pleasure of a wide range of various aspects of carpentry, with roofing being one of my favourite. 

I’ve also have a passion for new tools to make a carpenters life slightly easier. 

I developed the roofing square to eliminate using a heavy pattern rafter every time. 

I’m very proud of the roofing square with excellent customer feedback. 




A bit about
The Ultimate Roofing Square

The Ultimate Roofing Square makes building a pitched roof effortless and quick. 

Designed by time served carpenters and refined over years of real world usage this is the only tool you will ever need to quickly and accurately pitch a roof.

Using the Ultimate Roofing Square to pitch a timber roof gives confidence that the job will be completed quickly, correctly and without costly errors.

With the clear and simple information supplied with the tool even self builders are able to pitch their own roofs.

​Check out the YouTube video and see how the Ultimate Roofing Square makes pitching a roof accurately an effortless task​



We had the pleasure of meeting Roger from Skill Builder. The photo is a great reminder of our day together as well as highlighting the sign of the times with our socially distanced hand shake!

Check out the video below. 


Watch this brilliant demo video of the Square in action with the one and only Skill Builder